About Me

I'm Richard Easlick

Technologist / Subject Matter Expert / Curriculum Developer / Trainer

I was once described as a 'high-bandwidth person.' I have always liked that description.

Some of my career accomplishments include:

* Best-selling author
* Wrote and delivered numerous cyber-security classes for the U.S. military
* Delivered training all over the world
* Director of Training - CallWare Technologies
* Created a college course - Java Programming
* Created a corporate course - High Availability
* Created a mobile/conversational AI app
* Conducted numerous Train-the-Trainer classes
* Conducted numerous global community of practice webinars
* Created a series of screencast videos on a major corporate software application
* Created a series of articles on "Learning Theory"
* Created an e-Book on "Introduction to Cloud Technologies"

Samples of Work

* Greenscreen video - Failover Clusters
* 3D avatar video (English) - Authentication
* 3D avatar video (Chinese) - Authentication
Screencast video - Downloading installation software
* eBook - An Introduction to High Availability (short sample)
* eBook - Learning Theory (short sample)
* Greenscreen video - Artificial Intelligence
* Interactive 3D avatar (demo)

World-Class Technologist

Richard Easlick

I am a world-class curriculum developer and trainer.
I have a rare combination of real-world experience - I was a System Manager of a Fortune 500 company;
as well as deep theoretical knowledge of technology - I have written articles for IBM RedBooks;
I have created curriculum that is used all over the world - -
as well as writing a best-selling book on technology;
and I am considered one of the best trainers in the world. -
I have worked as both a consultant/freelancer and as a respected employee.

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